Potency disorders are often an indication of other serious diseases

Potency disorders are important markers for underlying diseases in men. This is the context in which the third report by the Men’s Health Foundation presented on Wednesday points out.

Potency disorders are often an indication of other serious diseases

GPs should focus on erectile dysfunction in the clinic, because it can hide serious illnesses.

Every fourth man with the primary symptom erectile dysfunction suffers from undiagnosed diabetes mellitus, and every third man has a relevant unrecognized coronary stenosis. Erectile dysfunction therefore early markers of endothelial diseases, so to speak, the “divining rod” for recognizing diseases, as formulated by Professor Theodor Klotz, urologist in Weiden in the Upper Palatinate and co-author of the report.

Men need a low-threshold offer to talk about it.

“The best thing is, the family doctor casually asks about sexuality and erectile function,” said Klotz on Wednesday the “doctors newspaper”. For example, the check-up examinations scheduled every two years would be suitable.

Potency: theme for check up

For Klotz, the de-abnegation of potency deficiency and her therapies are a major contribution to a freer physician-patient conversation. Especially men between the ages of 50 and 70 with risk factors for vascular degeneration are more reluctant to change their lifestyle. The discussion with the doctor about this symptom could therefore serve as a vehicle to clarify the cardiovascular situation and to initiate preventive lifestyle changes. But: “Not all men need to be treated with potency disorders,” says Klotz. For older men without suffering this is not indicated.

The urologist swears by Viagra. The drug, similar to the contraceptive pill in the 1960s, opened the eyes of women in the late ’90s to sexual disorders in men. Previously, affected men were usually referred to psychotherapeutic offers. Purely psychogenic causes of potency weakness are rather rare.

Causes of potency disorders are primarily organic degenerative changes such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and COPD. On average, every fifth over 30-year-old man is affected by ED, rising sharply at higher ages.

The Men’s Health Report has been published for the third time since 2010. For the first time, it sheds light on medical and social science facets of male sexuality Viagra dosage in equal measure. He pursues sexuality through all stages of life, from infants to the elderly. Importantly, the report considers sexuality as part of health, says co-author Professor Doris Bardehle, a social doctor and member of the advisory board of the Men’s Health Foundation. Sexual health does not just mean the absence of disease-related sexual disorders or sexually transmitted infections.

Pent-up demand in research

The foundation Men’s Health therefore considers the report to be an internationally unique compilation buy generic Viagra.

“This interdisciplinary men’s health report provides a comprehensive, new view of sexuality as part of health,” evaluates the vice chairman of the Techniker Krankenkasse Thomas Ballast. His merit was, among other things, to identify research gaps. In addition, there is an immense need to catch up in the development of sex studies courses, the authors said.

Well-trained sexologists could help prevent border violations and sexual violence, promote sexual self-determination and promote good health, says Bardehle. So far, the university in Merseburg is the only one that offers a consecutive sexology study program.