Erectile dysfunction in young men

Temporary erectile dysfunction is no longer a rarity among the under 40s. The potency problems are often unique in young men and not permanent. Causes can be mental stress as in the job or the relationship. However, there may also be organic reasons for impotence.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as potency disorder or erectile dysfunction, can affect men of all ages. If the erection fails once or only occasionally, there is still no disorder to be treated. Reasons for this can be stress, fatigue or tiredness. However, if erectile dysfunction persists for several weeks, cause research must be conducted.

Stress in the job as a common cause of potency problems in young men

Nowadays the demands in the profession are getting higher and higher. Many young men run out during the day and have no energy in the evening to experience sexuality. They fall exhausted after work to the couch or into bed. In this case, it is no wonder that no erection occurs or that it is too weak to perform a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Beware of persistent problems

With increasing age, the likelihood increases that organic causes are the cause of erectile dysfunction or exist alongside a psychogenic component buy Viagra cheap. Nevertheless, even young men may be affected by organic erectile dysfunction.

Anyone who suffers from persistent erection problems should therefore be examined by a specialist. A special ultrasound examination of the penile vessels (Doppler duplex sonography) is one of the most important investigations to exclude organic causes. They are at the same time indicate whether an increased stroke and heart attack risk for erection problems can be a serious early symptom here. In addition, erection problems can also be a symptom of diabetes.

Help with potency problems

Although many young men would like to avoid going to the doctor, they should in any case clarify whether there are organic problems to be treated.

Erection problems are very easy to treat and often even curable in medicine today. Even for purely psychogenic causes can temporarily a drug such. Viagra be prescribed. If the man regains the self-confidence that he is capable of good, penetrable erections, mental blockages usually resolve quickly. If constant stress at work, cause with your partner, family or the even leisure stress erection problems can stress-reducing measures such as autogenous training, lifestyle changes or targeted anti-stress coaching his accompanying very helpful.

More tips for good erection

To get a good erection, young men need a good blood flow in the penis. Therefore, a healthy, vitamin-rich and low-cholesterol diet is very beneficial. Smoking is one of the most important environmental toxins and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

In order to improve the stability of the penis as well as the perseverance during the sexual act, a special pelvic floor training is suitable. We have put together a series of exercises that can achieve significant effects within a short time. Free training plans

In addition, regular sexual activity increases both penile blood flow and testosterone levels, which affects libido Viagra contraindications.