Diagnosing erectile dysfunction – finding the root of all evil

For a lasting cure, it is essential that the root cause be investigated. Issuing a prescription usually does not result in a cure and does not help every man achieve an erection.

Examination Patient At the same time, a thorough diagnosis will clarify whether serious organic causes, such as underlying generalized vascular disease. These can lead to a stroke or heart attack a few years later. Those who do not have this clarified miss the chance to prevent such a serious illness.

A detailed diagnosis gives the specialist the opportunity to write both a therapy concept for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to develop an individual therapy tailored to the man’s underlying disease.

Erectile Dysfunction

Decisive for a successful therapy is a precise diagnosis of the cause of erectile dysfunction. In order to create an individual healing and / or therapy concept, at least the following examinations must be carried out at the doctor:

Detailed conversation

In particular, how the sexual problems have occurred, as well as detection of any other diseases.

A special blood sample

This is necessary in order to recognize certain protein structures in the blood and to see in which balance, for example, the hormones are and how active they are.

A detailed physical examination of the external genitals

This is about excluding diseases that can be detected with a gaze diagnosis or touching Viagra cheap. In addition, a chest and abdominal examination should be done.

Apparative diagnostics

For diagnostic purposes, the following five examinations (number one to five) should always be performed. Tests six and seven may or may not be performed during the initial diagnosis. This depends on the results of the first five examinations:

  • Biothesiometry (nerve measurement)
  • EMG (to detect the pelvic floor muscles)
  • Ultrasound
  • Doppler duplex sonography (to measure the 4 penile vessels)
  • Investigation to determine the composition of the erectile tissue
  • Dynanometry (measurement of muscle strength)
  • RIGIscan (method for measuring erectile ability)

Important: Accurate and accurate diagnosis is essential for successful therapy and healing.