Potency training for erectile dysfunction

Potency training for erectile dysfunction

Erection problems can be counteracted by targeted physical training. At the same time, this improves sexual performance and the pleasure of having sex.

The best training to improve blood circulation, to increase the supply of oxygen to the penis and to strengthen the special pelvic floor power muscles is called VigorRobic. Even just a few minutes of training a week can be very successful.

How to improve the potency?

We have put together some free training plans for you, which you can download as pdf but first of all see all information on european online pharmacy website. The training was designed by Prof. Sommer based on a large number of examination results and patient experiences. Research shows the extraordinary success of Viagra effect for the prevention of erectile dysfunction according to the motto: “be 20 years for 40 years!”.

Free exercises and tips on men’s health

You will find a variety of free exercises for your potency in our training area. In addition, you will receive specific instructions on how to increase your sexual performance through targeted mental training and proper nutrition – for the best sex of your life.

A few minutes a week for your potency

The men who perform the special physical exercises for preventive reasons can achieve very good results with 2 to 3 training sessions per week and a 3- to 18-minute training. These few minutes of training a week should be worth your while to maintain and improve your erectile ability Viagra dosage.

When it comes to rebuilding erectile function, the duration depends on the individual therapy concept that the specialist creates for you.

How long does it take to get training results?

Within a very short time, ie after 3 to 4 months, the man who performs special preventive training programs will find that his erectile ability has improved and stabilized. This is evidenced by a large number of scientific studies by Prof. dr. Summer as well as recognized international colleagues.

Why does physical training work so well with impotence?

A decisive factor for the development of erectile dysfunction is a long-term reduction in the supply of oxygen to the penis. This leads to remodeling processes in the penile tissue, which in the long term lead to erection problems. Training supports and improves the oxygen supply again.

Oxygen keeps the tissue fit

During the time in which the man experiences no sexual arousal, the oxygen supply to the penis is severely limited. Therefore, nature has set up a mechanism to secure the potency of the man. During sleep, each man has three to four erectile episodes and thus for about 1.5 to 3 hours a day good oxygen supply to the penis.

This time is sufficient to keep the tissue of the penis “fit”. In healthy men, these nocturnal erection phases are life-long Viagra side effects, but decrease in frequency and duration with advancing age.

Training supports the oxygen supply

Appropriate, specially adapted training programs that lead to improved oxygenation of the penis, a prevention of erectile dysfunction is possible. Here come, for example a special interval training on the recumbent bike or an individual training plan for muscle strengthening in question.

A strong pelvic floor ensures stability

Pelvic Floor Exercises

In addition, if the blood has flowed into the erectile tissue during sexual stimulation, a reduction of the blood flow from the penis must be achieved in order to be able to perform a sexual act. For this one needs an intact pelvic floor musculature, in particular the so-called “potency musculature”.

The adjacent figure shows where the training has to start.

By the way: It’s never too late. The oldest test person who participated in the studies was 87 years young! Again, a significant improvement in sexual function could be achieved!

The positive effects of sport – even with existing erection problems

Whether football, tennis, Mucki-Bude or jogging: Regular physical activity can also help men achieve good erections. The following applies: Physical activity is ideal for the entire cardiovascular system. Because it causes the blood to flow smoothly throughout the body.

Improvement of oxygen supply and blood flow

This is especially important at the beginning of an erection, because then a lot of blood flows into the penis. After ejaculation, the blood drains from the penis again. Without adequate blood flow, erection problems can occur. In some cases the erection is too soft and weak, in others – mostly advanced cases – the male is not able to build an erection. Partially circulatory problems can occur because the lining of the blood-supplying vessels (endothelium) is damaged. This often happens in patients who have a prolonged high blood pressure or who have been smoking for a long time. But elevated levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose can also damage the endothelium.

Reduction of cardiovascular and diabetes risk

If the endothelium is disturbed and the blood stops flowing properly, there is a high probability that arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) will develop in this location. Plaques can form on the inner walls of the arteries, which in turn causes blood flow to be reduced or blocked. Since the arteries of the penis are very small and narrow, erectile dysfunction is often the first sign of diabetes or heart disease.

Reduction of body fat

Of course, regular physical activity not only makes the blood flow better into the penis. It also helps to keep body weight under control. In addition, exercise can also increase testosterone levels.

Increase of self-confidence

Scientific studies have also shown that men who are regularly physically active have more self-confidence. This, in turn, has a positive effect on sexual activity. Furthermore, scientific studies have concluded that regular physical activity results in a reduction of depression and anxiety attacks. Both can negatively affect both the erection and other aspects of sexual health.

Important: In the case of erectile dysfunction buy generic Viagra, it is always advisable to consult a specialist who makes a thorough diagnosis of the causes and develops an individual therapy concept. Talk to us.